Jennifer L. Arbore, CPA

Partner. The Bonadio Group

Upon my acceptance to work one-on-one with Nick, I was immediately challenged to first take the time to better understand myself.  By engaging in an uncommon degree of self-reflection, I dove deep past the surface, beyond the superficial, uncovering the fundamental beliefs I had about both myself and others within my life, personally and professionally.  Refining this process continues to inch me closer to clarity that I was unable to recognize or that I had chosen not to acknowledge previously on my own.


As a result, I have learned not only how best to manage myself, but how to coach potential leaders in the firm to manage themselves. I have developed a better ability to have difficult conversations in a way that is both meaningful and impactful instead of avoiding them as I had in the past.  I have deployed several learned techniques when dealing with both my own emotional reactivity and in handling situations when faced with this in others.  I have a calmer presence and a sense of awareness that did not exist before I started working with Nick.  I can definitely say that I am a more effective leader within my organization.


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