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Premier Leadership Development and Coaching

We engage with leaders and teams motivated by deeper thinking, and driven to advance a culture of maturity within themselves and their relationship systems.


Our leadership model blends systems-based thinking with cutting-edge research in family relationships, neuroscience, and evolutionary biology for a fully customized process.

Through individual coaching and group teaching, we work with next-generation and established leaders in health care, family businesses, professional firms and not-for-profit organizations.


We help leaders focus on accountability and maturity, including:


  • Their capacity to connect at a deeper, more substantive level

  • Developing specific, advance-level coaching strategies and skills that promote a culture of calmness, clarity, connection, curiosity, and courage

  • Creating a clear and consistent process for coaching others

  • Reducing avoidance

  • Promote direct and important conversations by adapting to discomfort and skillfully managing tension and conflict


Founding Principles:

Responsibility                    Integration​                    Connection                    Perspective                    Innovation


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